Future Business Model of Journalism

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T4NO9LTxQ4Ajournalism future

Uncertainty is the word that seems to be associated with the future of journalism and has left college students with some nervousness about their futures. In 2012, Forbes, ranked journalism as fifth in their worst job list because of the low pay and future outlook.

Hofstra journalism professor Peter Goodman echoed these sentiments, “Nobody seems to know how to make money from journalism anymore and that means it’s harder to pay people.” Even though there seems to be a difficulty to know how to monetize journalism, there are more journalist than ever before. Now with blogs and more schools offering journalism as a major the competition is as tense as ever with even fewer jobs.

There is some cause for hope for the future journalist as new ways to make money off journalist will need to arise. Advertisements are still the main source of revenue for news companies and pay walls on websites are another source. Kerri Sheehan, a journalism major at Hofstra University, sees this future as an opportunity, “Honestly, right now, I don’t know if anyone can tell what the future holds but, there will probably more outlets for news in the future.”

However, as it stands, todays solutions are not full proof solutions as companies are not as willing to pay for advertisements on news sites and pay walls have more often than not deterred people. If it continues to look this way there will still be journalism but, will it be any good?


About jamescecire55

I am a up and coming journalist who is trying to break into the sports journalims field. I currently attend Hofstra University, looking to major in journalism.
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