Yankees Next Generation

The great dynasty that the Yankees have built over the past decade or so is on the verge of coming to an end.  The injury of Mariano Rivera has made many Yankee fans come to this reality.

This process has already started, this past year Jorge Posada retired and even Andy Pettitte making his return is only temporary.  All of the Yankees from the dynasty seasons will soon all be gone, but the one that will truly signal the end is Derek Jeter.  Jeter who is in his 19th season in the major leagues is 37 years old and is nearing the end of his career.

The eventual end of this group was pushed back a few years by their World Series win a couple of years ago.  That win showed that this team still had another run in them, but they were infused with talent from the outside, like Texiera, Sabathia and Rodriguez.  These legends of Yankee teams past now need to step down and allow these players to make their own mark on Yankee history.

However, when this generation of Yankee players does decide to give up the reigns, those next few years will not be as glorious.  The length of time that these older players have stayed has hampered the growth of the younger players in their farm system.  They cannot be called up to develop because the older players are taking their spots, while that can lead to success for an immediate period of time it stops another generation.  

The older players is a factor that has contributed to this problem, but the main one is the organization continues to trade away the young talent.  That talent continues to be dealt to acquire more major league ready talent who have already reached their potential and help them to win now.  So, even if all the young players were ready to play they still would not have the talent needed to develop and win.  The Yankees need to restock their farm system and that takes even more time that would already been needed.

The Yankee fans today probably would not be very receptive to these ideas, but they are needed in order for the Yankees not to suffer for years to come.  It is never easy to admit that the players that fans grew up need to retire and a new generation come in, but it has to be done.


About jamescecire55

I am a up and coming journalist who is trying to break into the sports journalims field. I currently attend Hofstra University, looking to major in journalism.
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