Nets Under Construction

The New Jersey Nets as of April 30th, 2012 have officially moved to Brooklyn and major changes are coming.  New and exciting possibilities result from this move, but there are still many questions surrounding this basketball team and if they can succeed.

While the Nets are now located in Brooklyn their new arena is still under heavy construction.  The Barclays Center will open for the 2012-2013 season and will be one of the most state of the art arenas in the NBA.  The arena will be ready and fully finished for the beginning of the season, but the same cannot be said for the team on the floor.

This team has many questions that will need to be answered during the offseason in order to know what direction they plan to go.  The entire direction of the franchise hangs on the decision of their star point guard, Deron Williams.

Williams has the option to become a free agent this offseason and has made it clear to numerous sources that he will exercise that option.  The writing appears to be on the wall that he will leave for most likely his hometown Dallas Mavericks and play for a contender.  That being said, if Deron decides to leave for a different team, then the front office will have some decisions to make.

The Nets have tried over the past few seasons to hit it big in free agency and through trades to build a contender without rebuilding.  This organization with the move to Brooklyn was under immense pressure to build a winner quick to create a positive reaction from their new fans.  If Williams decides to leave they will have failed and be back to square one because they would have lost their best player.

This team which seems to be devoid of talent besides Williams needs to be rebuilt from the ground up acquiring talent through the draft.  The first step will need to be trade away Gerald Wallace and get draft picks back.  I know some will say that the team gave up a lot to get him and could never get what they gave away, but it is necessary.  The Nets will then struggle through this season and then a few more, but it will then turn into a team that could eventually win a championship.

These decisions will not be popular among the new fans in Brooklyn, but unless they want to suffer through what the fans in New Jersey endured it must be done.  While in New Jersey never got their star player through the draft, their most success came through trades and getting veterans.  Since their merger into the NBA they have never won a title and unless this philosophy ends, they will wallow in mediocrity.

This is all just a prediction and if Deron Williams does stay, they may get another star to pair with him and win quick.  They still have a lot to do in these upcoming moths no matter what happens because change is needed.  The Nets hopefully for the sake of Brooklyn sports will turn into a contender and prosper for years to come.


About jamescecire55

I am a up and coming journalist who is trying to break into the sports journalims field. I currently attend Hofstra University, looking to major in journalism.
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