The NFL Draft: A Fan’s Perspective

For an NFL fan there are a few experiences that a fan wants to live, going to a SuperBowl, a Pro Bowl, a playoff game. However, the NFL Draft is an event that is unmatched by any other.

Fans flock from around the country to go to this prestigious event and there are fans from every NFL team, but of course the majority are from the Jets and Giants.  Each of this fans is truly a fanatic, they are each educated about their team and the prospects that the team could draft.  While they may be knowledgeable they almost all are loud and have an opinion, which they are not afraid to share in the form of yelling and screaming.

While watching the draft on television some may wonder how to get tickets and I wonder what is like to go, I will tell you it is nothing like you expect.  In order to get tickets fans stand on line in front of Radio City Music Hall the day before the first round, some are there for ten hours before the tickets are handed out.  Most stand in line for around five hours beforehand and that is no easy task.  Dealing with loud fans, not being able to leave the line for any reason including the bathroom or food.  It is all worth it once you get the bracelet to come back the next day, they are free that is why you can get anyone to go.

Draft day though is the reason to go, you get all of the cameras, the lights and the drama.  The draft to NFL fans is like a soap opera to women and we enjoy every moment of it.  

When your team is up to draft thats the moment you come for, to see what they do and watch your team’s future unfold.  Hearing all of the boos, the cheers, but mostly boos from opposing fans when you hear your team is on the clock.

It is the one day of the NFL season where every fan can have hope that they will get the player that will make their team into a contender.  The worst teams the previous year get the first selections giving them the best chance to get that type of player.  While the best teams get to brag about their team to every other fan and then steal a player who people do not see what they see in him.  Now you have two more days in the draft and this where teams separate themselves and only the hardcore fans will watch and be there.  

The NFL Draft is a unique experience for a football fan, it is not just a game between two teams, every team is involved.  There is not just one winner in the draft, any team could come out on top and there is a collection of football fans unlike any other making it something a die hard fan must witness in person.

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I am a up and coming journalist who is trying to break into the sports journalims field. I currently attend Hofstra University, looking to major in journalism.
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